Customers expect utmost quality in both the automobile technology as well as showroom sale service. For that, the sales representative must not only have an amiable manner, but should also have an expansive knowledge about the automobiles on display and be constantly updated on their technology. However, it may be too much to ask of a human being; but not so if it is a robot. With automation fast becoming a part and parcel of our daily lives, it’s time the advanced automobiles were displayed by companies and the dealers in equally tech-advanced showrooms. And who could be more tech-savvy than a robot itself?

To ensure better and improved customer experience, we have developed an interactive application that can be positioned at key locations in showrooms to provide potential buyers all the information they may seek in an easy, comfortable manner. The high-end graphical display along with its interactive functionality will aid customers get all their queries answered instantaneously, thus enabling a customer in taking a quick decision on the automobile that is perfect for him or her.

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