The variables involved in the management of an academic institution are as complex as they are numerous. Of them, the key variables are the students, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as parents – all of whom are large in number, having totally different tracking parameters. However, this is increasingly becoming an essential factor in the school and college management system. In a world that is fast switching to automation, there is no room for human error, cost of which may prove to be very high.

In order to facilitate this transformation, we provide our clients with customized mobile solutions that come handy with integrated tools like online assignment, schedule publishing, events handling and transport management. We have incorporated separate service pages for students, staff and parents alike, besides providing a consolidated service page for all students, staff members and parents for those occasions when all these stakeholders need to be on the same page for any given academic information flow. Such information could be daily notices or roster, parent-teacher appointments and meetings, examination schedule or even annual function rehearsal roster.

Our promise to our academic clients is that not a single piece of information intended to be transmitted forward will go unnoticed or undelivered. Our system will provide and maintain a seamless flow of information to and from all the stakeholders of the academic establishment.

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